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[S4E17] Free !!HOT!!

Chandler and Joey find free porn while flipping through TV channels. After hearing the sad experience from Treeger, who once had free porn, switched it off never to get it back again, the guys resolve not to turn off the TV no matter what. Not everyone is thrilled by this - Rachel finds the channel disgusting, in particular during eating time, and tries to dissuade the subject by pointing out how her new boyfriend Joshua doesn't like porn, about which Joey and Chandler quickly prove her wrong. Eventually, Chandler and Joey reflect on how reality is far less exciting than the porn and finally decide to turn off the TV. After enjoying the peace and quiet for a while, they decide to turn the TV back on to check if they still have the free porn, and it turns out they still do, much to their excitement.

[S4E17] Free

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