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Where Can I Buy Kate Moss Perfume

The British supermodel on Thursday launched the website selling her own beauty and wellness products called Cosmoss, that she unveiled a few days before on social media.

where can i buy kate moss perfume


The brand's literature hails Cosmoss as 'a place where wellness and hedonism coexist', a reflection of Kate's playful take on wellness - she might practice yoga and meditation on a daily basis, but Kate has no interest in forgetting her incessantly papped party days of old.

'Using only the purest ingredients,' Kate continues, 'from the Sacred Mist,' - an essential oil laden perfume-meets-pillow-mist -, 'to the exquisite skincare to the uplifting tea blends, every infusion draws on nature to centre and complete you.' 'A story of reconnection from soul to surface,' Kate enthuses, 'there is a magic to Cosmoss and I can't wait for you all to uncover it, just as I did.' 041b061a72

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