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Caiib Bfm Case Studies Pdf 37 ((NEW))

Issuing bank is the party acting on behalf of the applicant and should, therefore, ensure itself about the creditworthiness of the applicant. The issuing bank gives a definite undertaking to make payment in case of sight and accept and pay on maturity in case of acceptance or deferred payment, to authorize bank to negotiate and to reimburse the negotiating bank, provided that the stipulated documents are presented under the Letter of Credit (Articles 2, 9).

caiib bfm case studies pdf 37

The advising bank has option to choose as to whether it wishes to advise a LC or not. If it agrees to advise the LC, then it must do so by taking reasonable care in checking the authenticity of the credit. In case, it decides not to advise a LC, then it must inform the issuing bank immediately. If the advising bank is unable to establish the authenticity of LC then it must immediately inform the issuing bank and must also inform the beneficiary about the same (Article 9).

A confirming bank gives a definite undertaking in addition to that of issuing bank, at the request of the issuing bank, to make payment on presentation of documents as per the terms and conditions of the LC, The confirming bank, advising bank and nominated bank can be the same. In case, it does not agree to add its confirmation, it must inform the issuing bank without delay. It may also choose to advise amendments without adding its confirmation, however, intimation must be sent to the issuing bank and the beneficiary (Article 8).

The beneficiary of the LC also has various rights and responsibilities under Letter of Credit transactions. A beneficiary can in no case avail himself of the contractual relationship existing between the banks or between the applicant and the issuing bank (Article 4).

Article 16d of UCP states that the notice of refusal and discrepancy must be given latest by the closing hours of the 5th working day from the date of presentation. In the instant case, the opening bank was correct in sending the swift message on 15.03.2017, which was 5th working day, subsequent to the date of receipt of documents.

In this post of CAIIB for the June 2023 attempt, we are providing you with some of the important case studies for Paper no. 2 of Certified Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers. Candidates will be provided with videos on case studies as well as some case studies within this post to solve. So, we hope you are ready to do some practice for the upcoming June 2023 exams!

Yes of course case studies are important. But you need to understand one thing that case studies are also part of the theoretical portion. Or you can consider that it may be a formula that is used. So for concentrating on the case studies first of all you need to concentrate on the theoretical part.

But do not worry, we have bilingual full video course for you. This is basically a Hindi mix English language video course. And you can easily understand each and every concept with proper clarity. Every situation has been explained in a very practical manner with proper examples wherever required. Moreover, we have covered more than 80+ case studies in our videos.

For more such case studies & notes & questions, you can check out the latest Study Material of Bank Financial Management for your CAIIB JUNE 2023 Exams. The Full BFM course as well as other CAIIB paper courses are also available at the lowest prices.

Hi Pratiksha, since you an MBA finance, additional certification like CFA or FRM will surely complement you. Your experience in tech is not related to either of the two. In this case, you may choose the one that you like. CFA is all about Corporate Finance, Portfolio Mgmt etc, while FRM is about Risk management.

I am a Chartered accountant near to completing two years of work experience in an IT sector and I wish to take up FRM for my further studies and pursue my career in the area of risk management from here in onwards..I wish to know from you is it a good idea and my work experience can be counted as relevant two year work experience required for FRM ?

Also, i have seen that CFA + FRM is a good combination to get you a shortlist (atleast). However, in most cases you will not be putting knowledge of both (CFA and FRM) at use in job. Either of the two will be useful in any job, not both.

Are there any specific courses that will help me in this? From whatever little knowledge I have been able to gather over the past few weeks, I feel that CFA may be helpful. In case you think so too, then what are the books (shweser etc..) I should rely on.

sir, I am 27 years old now. I discontinued my studies after 12th because of financial reasons. now i am planning to revive my career. i registered for Bcom distance course this year. I am planning to do FRM course. considering my age and qualification will i get the job after passing FRM course?

As a Technology Consultant and CISA qualified (2006), I have designed IT policies and procedures, developed test cases for multiple platforms, evaluated systems for risk management & mitigation, gap analysis, and BCP/DRP including setting up IT audit function for a commercial bank.

Many numerical/case studies are asked from this module which are quite easy as compared to Module B & Module D case studies. Refer the case studies from McMillan given at the end of the topic. Also N.S.Toor book has many numerical and case studies. Questions are asked on Exchange rates, Shipment Finance etc.

All chapters are equally important as they are interlinked to each other. Again focus more on case studies/numericals given in Apendix at the end of chapter. Maximum case studies are asked from this module. Though short notes are useful for this module I would suggest McMillan reading for this module because some questions are twisted type for which you require details of the concept which is hard to get from short notes. RBI website contains FAQs which are quite useful for this modules, you should read them at least once.

Overall you have to keep balance between theoretical reading as well as case studies/numerical since the paper would contain 40-45% case studies. N.S.Toor book contains good case studies and MCQs. Also there are many resources available on the internet from where you will get case studies for this module. After giving this paper you will realized that BFM is easier as compared to ABM and no need to worry for BFM.

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