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Descubre Mutants Genetic Gladiators APK, el juego que te permite controlar y liderar una selección de gladiadores genéticos con habilidades psíquicas

Have fun recruiting your own ultimate team of alien and Earth mutants to create your ultimate roster. Make uses of your ultimate psychic powers to control the mutants and turn them into powerful gladiators. Train your characters through a series of exciting challenges and battles. Enhance their powers through each matchup against the enemies. And at the same time, also improve your command and tactical skills. Take on endless battles and in-game challenges as you progress in Mutants Genetic Gladiators. Engage in different gameplay with varied experiences. And have fun with the addictive gameplay of actions however you wanted.

descargar mutants genetic gladiators apk

Description: Mutants Genetic Gladiators - a unique turn-based RPG toy, completely in Russian, where we have the opportunity to create and create genetic units that intersect modified gladiators, build new attacks and train to make your army stronger. We have the opportunity to participate in the world's PvP and PvE battle with six different mutagens: Cyborg, Zoomorph, Galaxies, Grunt, Ghouls, and Mythic, which produce nearly a hundred different mutants. In addition, this time we can discover fresh recipes on the toy. To remove deadly mutants for a high-quality look. Features: * High Quality free game * Over 300 unique and different mutants to discover and collect. * Discover secret recipes to gain unique mutants that will terrify your opponents. * Cross breed your creatures to unlock new and powerful mutants. * Train your mutants to improve and unlock powerful new attacks. * Use your high level mutants to create superior Elite Versions. * Visit exotic and varied locations as your team competes across 6 Divisions.

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