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Lethal Weapon

Stunt coordinator Bobby Bass planned and supervised all phases of Gibson's and Glover's intense pre-production training; physical conditioning, weight workouts, and weapons handling and safety. Bass also used his own military experiences to bring a greater depth of understanding to the Riggs character. To familiarize the actors with the specialized skills and sensibilities acquired by undercover cops, arrangements were made for Gibson and Glover to spend time in the field accompanying working L.A.P.D. officers. Throughout filming, technical advisers from the L.A.P.D. as well as the L.A. County Sheriff's Department worked closely with Donner and the actors to ensure authenticity.

Lethal Weapon

As Murtaugh, who is one week from retiring, and Riggs investigate a robbery committed using a duplicate armored car, they find themselves in the middle of an Internal Affairs investigation led by Sergeant Lorna Cole (Rene Russo). With assistance from Leo, they learn that the subject of the investigation is a rogue cop (Stuart Wilson) who is stealing impounded weapons and selling them on the black market. During the investigation, Murtaugh shoots and kills a teenager who attacks him and Riggs; he turns out to be a friend of his own son. This prompts Murtaugh to capture the man responsible for the distribution of illegal firearms and to rethink his retirement.

Now about that matter of style. In a sense, a movie like "Lethal Weapon" isn't about violence at all. It's about movement and timing, the choreography of bodies and weapons in time and space. In lesser movies, people stand there and shoot at each other and we're bored. In a movie with the energy of this one, we're exhilarated by the sheer freedom of movement; the violence becomes surrealistic and less important than the movie's underlying energy level. Richard Donner has directed a lot of classy pictures. My favorites are "Inside Moves," "Ladyhawke" and the original "Superman," which is still the best. This time he tops himself.

The Department of Defense Non-Lethal Weapons Program stimulates and coordinates non-lethal weapons requirements of the U.S. Armed Services and allocates resources to help meet these requirements. The Commandant of the Marine Corps serves as the Department of Defense Non-Lethal Weapons Executive Agent.Located at Marine Corps Base Quantico, Va., the Joint Intermediate Force Capabilities Office serves as the Department of Defense Non-Lethal Weapons Program Executive Agent's day-to-day management office.The U.S. Armed Services work with the combatant commanders and the executive agent through a joint process to identify requirements and coordinate the planning, programming and funding of non-lethal weapons research, development and acquisition. Within the Department of Defense Non-Lethal Weapons Program, the Joint Intermediate Force Capabilities Office and the Services fund science and technology, research and development, as well as test and evaluation for non-lethal weapons.

Objective: To estimate the strength of a suspected causal association between fearfulness and carrying a lethal weapon among urban middle-school students, while holding constant other suspected risk factors.

Results: Of the 1131 youths, 194 (17%) reported carrying a lethal weapon for protection or defense during the 1-year interval of follow-up observation after baseline; 937 youths (83%) reported that they had not carried a lethal weapon for any reason. Self-reported fears, deviant peer affiliation, and worrying were associated with risk of starting to carry a weapon. For youths with the lowest worrying scores, the lowest neighborhood danger scores, and the least affiliation with deviant peers, self-reported fears were associated with risk of starting to carry a lethal weapon (relative risk estimate, 1.68; 95% confidence interval, 1.11-2.52; P = .01), even after holding constant age, sex, and conduct problems. However, the fear of crowded or closed-in places and the fear of leaving home alone were more salient risk factors than the fear of using public transportation or the fear of open spaces.

Conclusions: In this study, youths with fears were at greater risk of carrying a lethal weapon for protection or defense, even when alternative explanatory variables were taken into account. Pending confirmation by other investigators, this new finding could point out a useful target for public health interventions to reduce the carrying of weapons and associated violence in urban America.

As in the previous film, Lethal Weapon 2, Detective Sergeant Martin Riggs (Mel Gibson) carries a Beretta 92FS pistol as his sidearm. At one point, Riggs uses his Beretta to demonstrate the lethality of the armor-piercing rounds being used by the suspects, penetrating a police-issue bulletproof vest with one shot. Berettas can also be seen being carried by Sergeant Lorna Cole (Rene Russo) and a young patrolman named Edwards (Jason Rainwater). During the shootout in the subway tunnel, Riggs is seen dual-wielding Berettas. While continuing to chase from the subway, Riggs is forced to take control of an LAPD officer's motorcycle, asking him if his service weapon is a Beretta, to which the officer replies it is; Riggs borrows a couple of "clips" from him as well.

As in the previous movie, Det. Sgt. Roger Murtaugh (Danny Glover) can be seen using a Smith & Wesson 5906 pistol as a backup to his usual revolver, most notably when engaging in a shootout with a group of gangbangers. He also carries it in lieu of his Model 19 when he and Riggs are busted to Patrolmen following a bomb incident at the start of the film, and has a negligent discharge while holstering his weapon, nearly shooting himself.

During the armored van robbery, Billy Phelps (Mark Pellegrino), the robber driving the van, pulls out a Smith & Wesson 5904 while fighting with Riggs but is able to discharge the weapon only once, into the right front window (which actually receives a rather impressive impact, despite the reinforced glass in the armored van). It's later revealed that the pistol was loaded with armor-piercing bullets.

Following the failed armored van robbery, Travis (Stuart Wilson) confronts Smitty (John Cenatiempo), the robber that managed to escape, and Hatchett (Nick Chinlund) is then seen pistol-whipping him with a Beretta 92FS Inox, stunning him and leaving him unable to escape as he's buried alive in concrete. Hatchett is seen using the Beretta Inox again when Riggs and Lorna drive away with the truck full of automatic weapons and then the Inox is seen in his hand when the thugs pick up the guns in the road.

As in the first two films, Detective Sergeant Roger Murtaugh (Danny Glover) can be seen carrying a Smith & Wesson Model 19 as his standard weapon, though does supplement it with a semi-auto pistol as a backup, as mentioned above. What appears to be a Model 19 is also seen in the hands of one of Travis' henchmen (Sven-Ole Thorsen).

Travis (Stuart Wilson) carries a Smith & Wesson Model 29 with a 6 1/2" barrel and Pachmayr grips as his sidearm of choice for the second half of the film. He first is seen pulling it on Captain Murphy (Steve Kahan) before taking him to the LAPD impound. Travis then is seen loading his Model 29 with armor-piercing bullets while recovering their impounded weapons. During the shootout at the housing development, Travis can be seen firing the revolver at Sgt. Cole, piercing one of her ballistic vests. (Although in reality, if a 9x19mm armor-piercing round can penetrate both the front and back of a bulletproof vest, as Riggs demonstrates near the beginning of the film, then a .44 Magnum - which is three times as powerful - armor-piercing round could easily penetrate two vests.)

There are several appearances in the film of the Heckler & Koch MP5K, first seen being fired out a car window by one of the gang bangers that Riggs encounters, then by former officer Jack Travis (Stuart Wilson) during a high-speed chase with Riggs. Some of Travis' henchmen can also be seen firing them during the final battle, among other weapons.

Travis' henchmen are armed with Heckler & Koch MP5A3s during the subway tunnel shootout. During the shootout at the housing development, several of Travis' henchmen can be seen wielding MP5A3's, most notably when Captain Ed Murphy's car is shot up when it is sent into the housing development Travis is operating from. Some of Travis' henchmen can also be seen firing them during the final battle, among other weapons.

When Murtaugh engages the gang bangers, one of them opens fire on him with a Cobray M11/9, spraying and praying in an ultimately futile effort to take out the veteran cop. Upon discovering that the youth wielding it was a friend of his son named Daryl, Murtaugh takes the weapon and goes on a personal mission to find the people responsible for giving him the illegal firearm. Murtaugh later carries the gun during the shootout at the housing development, at one point using it to ignite a trail of gasoline spread by Riggs. At the end of the firefight, he tosses the M11/9, loaded with armor-piercing bullets, to Riggs who then uses it to kill Travis, shooting him through the bucket on the backhoe loader he is driving.

At one point, Lorna Cole misidentifies the weapon as a MAC-10, however, it's elongated receiver clearly identifies it as an M11/9. When Cole is laying out the illustrious criminal history of the machine pistol taken from Daryl, she claims it has a 36-round magazine; magazines for the M11/9 are available in 32- or 50-round capacities, but not 36.

As Detective Cole drives away in a suspect's truck, a crate of weapons falls off and breaks open, revealing that it contained several automatic rifles and submachine guns. Among the weapons seen include a Steyr AUG, several Galil SAR's, and several M11's.

Malcolm Davies studies non-lethal weapons at the British Joint Services Command Staff College. Davies says the sound creates vibrations in the organs, which cause nausea and dizziness. He sees "the Scream" as more effective than weapons such as rubber bullets and tear gas. 041b061a72

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