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Sail, Trade, and Battle in Corsairs: Conquest at Sea

Corsairs: Conquest at Sea - A Classic Strategy Game for PC

If you are a fan of strategy games and pirate adventures, you might want to check out Corsairs: Conquest at Sea, a 1999 game developed and published by Microïds. In this game, you can experience the life of a privateer in the 17th century, working for one of the four European powers: England, France, Spain, or the Netherlands. You can explore the Caribbean and the Mediterranean seas, trade goods, fight naval battles, capture ports, and complete various missions. You can also enjoy the stunning graphics, sound effects, and music that create an immersive atmosphere. In this article, we will tell you more about Corsairs: Conquest at Sea, its gameplay, features, availability, and compatibility.


What is Corsairs: Conquest at Sea?

Corsairs: Conquest at Sea is a strategy/action/adventure game for the PC that was released in 1999. It is also known as simply Corsairs. It was developed and published by Microïds, a French company that is also known for Syberia and its sequel Syberia II. The game is a simulation of the life of a privateer employed by either England, France, The Netherlands or Spain in, most likely, the 17th century. The game has two modes: campaign and adventure. In the campaign mode, you have to complete several scenarios with a specific goal, such as capturing a certain port or defeating a rival privateer. In the adventure mode, you have more freedom to explore the map and capture all the ports for your nation.

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Why should you play Corsairs: Conquest at Sea?

Corsairs: Conquest at Sea is a game that offers a lot of fun and challenge for strategy lovers. You can choose your own style of play, whether you want to be a peaceful trader, a ruthless pirate, or a loyal servant of your nation. You can also customize your ship, recruit crew members, buy weapons and supplies, and upgrade your skills. You can interact with different characters, such as governors, merchants, spies, and other privateers. You can also experience the thrill of naval combat, using cannons, grapeshot, fire barrels, and boarding tactics. You can also enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Caribbean and the Mediterranean seas, as well as the historical accuracy of the game's setting.


Choosing your nation and character

At the beginning of the game, you have to choose one of the four nations to work for: England, France, Spain, or the Netherlands. Each nation has its own advantages and disadvantages in terms of economy, diplomacy, military strength, and reputation. For example, England has a strong navy and good relations with other nations, but its ports are far from each other. France has a balanced economy and military power, but its ports are often attacked by pirates. Spain has a lot of gold and silver from its colonies, but its ships are slow and expensive. The Netherlands has a powerful trade network and fast ships, but its ports are small and vulnerable.

After choosing your nation, you have to choose your character from four options: adventurer, merchant, corsair (pirate), or officer. Each character has different skills and attributes that affect your gameplay. For example, adventurers are good at exploring and finding treasures; merchants are good at trading and negotiating; corsairs are good at fighting and plundering; officers are good at commanding and leading. You can also customize your character's name, appearance, and voice. You can also choose your starting ship from four options: brigantine, frigate, galleon, or caravel. Each ship has different characteristics in terms of speed, maneuverability, cargo capacity, and firepower.

Exploring the map and engaging in battles

The game has two maps: the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. Each map has several ports that belong to different nations or pirates. You can visit these ports to trade goods, repair your ship, recruit crew members, buy weapons and supplies, and get missions from governors or other characters. You can also find hidden islands, shipwrecks, and treasures on the map. You can use the map screen to plan your route and see the weather conditions and the wind direction.

As you sail on the sea, you may encounter other ships that belong to your nation, your allies, your enemies, or pirates. You can choose to ignore them, hail them, or attack them. If you attack them, you will enter a naval battle mode where you can control your ship's movement, speed, and weapons. You can use different types of ammunition for your cannons, such as round shot, chain shot, grapeshot, or fire barrels. You can also try to board the enemy ship and fight hand-to-hand with swords and pistols. If you win the battle, you can loot the enemy ship's cargo and crew members. You can also capture the enemy ship and add it to your fleet or sell it at a port.

Managing your resources and reputation

The game has several resources that you have to manage carefully. These include gold, food, water, rum, wood, gunpowder, ammunition, crew members, and ships. You need gold to buy goods and services at ports. You need food, water, and rum to keep your crew happy and healthy. You need wood to repair your ship's damage. You need gunpowder and ammunition to fight battles. You need crew members to operate your ship and fight enemies. You need ships to expand your fleet and increase your power.

The game also has a reputation system that affects how other characters react to you. Your reputation is based on your actions and decisions in the game. For example, if you attack friendly ships or ports, your reputation will decrease with your nation and its allies. If you complete missions or capture enemy ports, your reputation will increase with your nation and its allies. Your reputation also affects the prices of goods and services at ports, the availability of missions and rewards, and the difficulty of battles.

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Stunning graphics and sound effects

One of the most impressive aspects of Corsairs: Conquest at Sea is its graphics and sound effects. The game uses a 3D engine that creates realistic water effects, dynamic lighting and shadows, weather effects, smoke effects, and explosions. The game also has a day-night cycle that changes the appearance of the sea and the sky. The game's graphics are still impressive today despite being over 20 years old.

The game's sound effects are also very immersive and realistic. You can hear the sound of waves crashing against your ship's hull, the wind blowing through your sails, the cannons firing and hitting their targets, the swords clashing and pistols firing during boarding actions, the shouts of your crew members and enemies during battles , and the music and songs that play in the background. The game's sound effects add to the atmosphere and the excitement of the game.

Diverse scenarios and missions

The game has a variety of scenarios and missions that you can play in the campaign mode. Each scenario has a different objective, such as capturing a certain port, defeating a certain enemy, escorting a convoy, or finding a treasure. Each scenario also has a different difficulty level, depending on the number and strength of your enemies, the weather conditions, and the time limit. You can choose to play each scenario in either the Caribbean or the Mediterranean map.

The game also has a lot of missions that you can get from governors or other characters at ports. These missions can be related to trade, diplomacy, espionage, or combat. For example, you may be asked to deliver goods to another port, negotiate a peace treaty with another nation, spy on an enemy base, or attack a pirate stronghold. These missions can give you rewards such as gold, reputation, information, or items. They can also affect the outcome of the scenarios and the overall story of the game.

The New Conquerors expansion pack

In 2000, Microïds released an expansion pack for Corsairs: Conquest at Sea called The New Conquerors. This expansion pack adde

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