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Get Rich Or Die Trying

"It was a very organic thing," said Waldman. "I think the imagery shows him as the warrior that he was, like he was really prepared to get rich or die trying, and you shouldn't mess with him because he won't stop trying."

Get Rich Or Die Trying

"I think that's why the album took the world by storm because the energy of it all was just perfect," Waldman added. "He kind of came out with this bible that said, 'I'm on the block now. I'm not in hiding anymore, I'm not selling mixtapes out of my trunk anymore. This is 50, and I'm going to get rich or die trying.'

Of course the odds against a young drug dealer eventually selling 4 million copies of an album are so high that, by comparison, getting into the NBA is a sure thing. A more accurate title might have been, "I Got Rich But Just About Everybody Else Died Tryin', and So Did I, Almost." Given the harrowing conditions of his early life, Jackson's movie dwells on it with a strange affection; the movie is closer in tone to "Scarface" than to "Hustle & Flow," the year's other rags-to-riches rap story.

Still, I must review the movie, not offer counseling to Curtis Jackson. "Get Rich" is a film with a rich and convincing texture, a drama with power and anger. It shows its young hero taken in by grandparents who love him (Viola Davis and Sullivan Walker) after the death of his mother, and then being lured by the streets because, quite simply, he wants money for athletic shoes and, eventually, a car. There seem to be few other avenues of employment open to him, certainly none that he seeks, and although his mother tried to shield him from her business, he saw what happened and how it worked and he knows who the players are.

Early scenes in his career involve turf wars. The question of who sells drugs on what corner is sometimes settled by death. Meanwhile, the customers, many of them whites from the suburbs, roll up in their cars and subsidize these deaths, one purchase at a time. Although the movies have accustomed us to associate drug dealers with briefcases filled with cash, the movie provides a more realistic job description: "All you get out there is long lonely nights." And "If you would add up all the time spent standing around, it was minimum wage. If you added prison time, it was below minimum wage." The lie in the movie's title is that you get rich. Someone gets rich, yes, but then someone wins the lottery every week.

So being rich toward God is the heart moving toward God as riches. Being rich toward God is the heart moving toward God as your riches. Being rich toward God is moving toward God as your treasure. Being rich toward God is counting God greater riches than anything on the earth. Being rich toward God means using earthly riches to show how much you value God. This is what the prosperous farmer failed to do. So big farmer fail written over this right here. And the result was that he was a fool who lost his soul, and we will too if we are not rich toward God.

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